IMMAST – Training With A Difference

IMMAST – Novel Multi-speciality Training Courses in MAS
Immast Faculty: Passion For Teaching

IMMAST – Training With A Difference

In the history of the Medical Science, only Three revolutions are considered to be genuine ‘Patient-friendly’. These include:

  • Asepsis
  • Anaesthesia &
  • Minimal Access Surgery

Minimal Access Surgery is known to ensure safe cure with minimal trauma to the patient. In addition to minimising incision & scarring, pain, duration of hospital stay, medication required, Minimal Access Surgery ensures an early return to work & family.

The Center of Excellence for Minimal Access Surgery Training (IMMAST) was established with a purpose to advance, and progress of MAS continues in India in a structured manner.

IMMAST is the only centre in the entire world to provide comprehensive courses that cover all the specialities where MAS is performed. IMMAST is the only centre in India to offer training in both flexible and rigid endoscopy. Known for the scientific and comprehensive course curricula, courses provided by IMMAST are well-designed & encompassing. The courses at IMMAST focus on the entire procedure and not just any equipment or product-based training to the participants.

Tell me, and I’ll forget. Teach me & I’ll remember, Involve me, and I’ll learn” – Ben Franklin

This ideology has been the core philosophy at IMMAST. Each course taught at IMMAST involves extensive hands-on training. IMMAST has always been innovative in its approach & offers specially designed models & clinically-close simulators. The didactic sessions, the live streaming & video sessions from OR also ensure that every participant gathers enough confidence & motivation to embrace, practice and master the art of MAS when he goes back to his setup after completing his training at IMMAST. With the highest ratio between Faculty: Participants, IMMAST courses offer the promise of personalised attention. Each faculty member associated with IMMAST has a passion for teaching.

IMMAST is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organisation with world-class, state-of-the-art infrastructure. Complete adherence to the Systems and Processes differentiates IMMAST in its disciplined approach. With over 300 eminent faculty members with comprehensive clinical experience and expertise, IMMAST is committed to ‘teaching a surgeon’ & not just a procedure.

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