IMMAST – Novel Multi-speciality Training Courses in MAS

IMMAST – The Journey So Far
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IMMAST – Novel Multi-speciality Training Courses in MAS

IMMAST is a unique institute founded & run by a visionary surgeon for surgeons. IMMAST plays a pivotal role in inspiring surgeons to elevate their skills by giving them confidence & motivation to embrace, practice and master the art of Minimal Access Surgery (MAS).

IMMAST ensures a foundation of safe and structured MAS training in every surgical discipline, ranging in complexity from the essentials of surgical skills and the basics of MAS to the most advanced and sophisticated MAS procedures in ENT, Neurosurgery, Pulmonology, Paediatric Surgery, Orthopaedics to name a few.

IMMAST is the only centre in the entire world to provide comprehensive courses that cover all the specialities of MAS. IMMAST is one of the most significant and the only centre in India to offer training in both flexible and rigid endoscopy.

In 2018, IMMAST promises to offer innovative and comprehensive courses in multiple specialities under the expert guidance of renowned and experience faculties having National, International recognition.

Some of the most significant courses to be introduced in 2018 include:


  • Master Course in Hernia – 3 Day comprehensive course with 14 Didactics on various topics from selected renowned national faculty. This extensive course aims to cover ‘everything’ in the management of Hernia.
  • Master Course in Minimally Invasive Proctology focused on Benign Anorectal Pathologies – This course aims to revisit the standard techniques and also provide an update with newer modalities of treatment. The hallmark of this course would be virtual hands-on training on models with experts as faculty.


  • Advanced Minimal Access Paediatric Urology Training Course – The technology in pediatric endo-urological and laparoscopic surgery has advanced rapidly over the last decade; the course will have dedicated sessions to focus on Upper & Lower Urinary Tract Surgeries and Endo-urologic Procedures.
  • Advanced Minimal Access Paediatric Bronchoscopy and Thoracoscopy Training Course – This three-day course is planned to make the delegates confident in performing minimal access thoracoscopic pediatric surgery including bronchoscopy. In three days thoracoscopy for various conditions will be discussed by way of didactic video lectures, exercises on endotrainer and wet lab.


  • Sialendoscopy Course – The main difference of this course from Endoscopic Sinus Surgery is that here we have no landmarks and the medium in which we operate is saline and not air. The aim is to train the delegates with the concepts and practice of Sialendoscopy.
  • Course on Cochlear Implant – The course is designed to provide a depth of knowledge including radiology, candidacy, and pre-operative workup, CI audiology for the surgeon, handling complications with Hands-on advanced techniques of cochleostomy and electrode insertion along with interaction with Dr. Milind Kirtane during live OR session.
  • Skull Base Endosurgery Course – This course aims at covering the 360-degree viewpoint with regards to Endo-nasal skull base surgeries, which includes osteology, endo-nasal approaches and repair, Pituitary surgery, ICA management and cavernous sinus with a handson for the dissection through the endo-nasal pathway to reach the pituitary.


  • Master Course in Neuro-endoscopy including Skull Base Surgery – 2-day comprehensive course modulated Ventricular & Skull Base Endosurgery. This uniquely designed course assures extensive hands-on training with actual procedural experience on life-like models.

In addition to these innovative courses, IMMAST is also planning to start following new courses shortly:

  • Fertility Enhancement Endoscopic Surgery Course
  • Course on Medical Thoracoscopy
  • Diagnostic and Interventional Shoulder Arthroscopy Course
  • Advanced Knee Arthroscopy Course

IMMAST is proud of the high level of surgeries in India and is committed to ensuring that this high level of safe MAS is strengthened and spread to every nook and corner of our Country.

Enquiries & Registration for all courses in 2018: Call 091671 90180, 022 61012000 or visit

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