Certificate Course in Laryngeal and Voice Modulation Surgery

Certificate Course in Laryngeal and Voice Modulation Surgery
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A variety of laryngeal problems can be treated using micro laryngeal surgery (also known as phono microsurgery) including benign vocal fold lesions, paralysis, scarring, leucoplakia and malignancy. These surgical techniques, along with cutting edge tools like LASERS, effectively remove vocal fold lesions while protecting the underlying healthy tissue. Compared to conventional laryngeal surgery, this method has a faster rate of recovery and a greater impact on voice quality.

These operations are virtually exclusively performed by a small number of referral centres that handle a sizable part of this pathology. For ethical, financial, or availability reasons, it is not advisable to learn on human subjects. In order to approach, learn, and improve laryngeal skills, a replicable method for setting up a laryngeal laboratory on ex vivo animal models is required. IMMAST’s structured training course offers trainees the unique platform to learn step-by-step techniques, without causing harm to patients, using an animal tissue model. The anatomical structure and tissue composition of porcine larynges are similar to those of human larynxes, and hands-on practice with this animal model simulates an inside-out viewpoint, which is essential for understanding the intricate laryngeal structure.

Course Objectives

  • To impart knowledge of Laryngology relevant to Microsurgery & Laryngeal framework surgery

  • To make the participants imbibe the skills for using a Microlaryngoscope (MLS) Equipment effortlessly

  • To empower participants with the skills and confidence to perform step-by-step surgery, with hands-on practice on an animal tissue model

  • To understand the use of Transoral Laryngeal Laser

  • To make the participants imbibe the skills for laryngeal injection, and the art of managing professional voice & voice therapy

  • To learn how to avoid and manage complications of Micro-Laryngeal surgery

Who Should Attend?

  • ENT Postgraduates who want to enhance their skills in Laryngeal Surgery

  • Freshly passed ENT Surgeons who have a keen interest and inclination toward honing their Laryngeal surgery skills

Training Highlights

  • Extensive hands-on and dissection practice on a unique near-life animal tissue model

  • Over-the-shoulder training under the personal supervision of acclaimed faculty

  • Train in world-class labs, fitted to simulate OR environment

  • Understanding the use of Micro-Laryngoscope

Date: May 12, 2023 – May 13, 2023
Course Fee: US$ 1200
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