Certificate Course in Fertility Enhancing Endoscopic Surgery

Certificate Course in Fertility Enhancing Endoscopic Surgery
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Optimal management of Female Infertility needs a proper co-ordination between the endoscopic surgeon and ART specialist. Although there are a lot of specialists who perform both ART and Endoscopic Surgery, with the era of Super-specialization, the present generation of doctors may only perform one of the two. We need to identify and standardize the indications, techniques, limitations and contra-indications for the use of Endoscopic surgery to improve the success of ART.

The course will help develop basic skills in hysteroscopy and laparoscopy as would be needed to perform fertility enhancing surgeries.

Course Objectives

  • To develop basic skills in hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, needed to perform fertility enhancing surgeries

  • To learn how to Evaluate an Infertile Couple & Understand Ovulation Induction protocols

  • To understand the principles and set-up of a laparoscopic practice (including instrumentation, equipment & OT set-up)

  • To learn Operative Laparoscopy for PCOD, Ovarian cysts, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Tubal factor, Ectopic pregnancy, and Operative Hysteroscopy and Resectoscopy for improvement of Uterine factor

Who Should Attend?

  • Every Gynaecologist who wants to learn basic skills of performing Hysteroscopy and Laparoscopy

  • Every Endoscopic surgeon who wants to learn how to perform Fertility Enhancing Surgery

  • Every ART specialist who would now want to enter the field of endoscopic surgery

Course Highlights

  • Practice in state-of-the-art IMMAST labs on breathing-bleeding animal tissue models

  • Intensive Lab exercises to improve hand-eye coordination

  • Step-by-step surgical procedure

  • Extensive practice for knotting and suturing

  • Tips & Tricks ; Prevention & Management of complications

Date: May 03, 2023 – May 05, 2023
Course Fee: US$ 2100
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