Certificate Course in CO2 Lasers in Dermatology

Certificate Course in CO2 Lasers in Dermatology
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Co2 laser is a desirable device for use in medical science especially in surgical management of many dermatologic disorders as well as aesthetic surgery, and to take incisions where it can replace ‘cold steel’. It can be used in fractional and non-fractional modes and the fractional mode, further, in focused and defocused modes. It is a very powerful tool that needs proper understanding of physics and operative skills for making optimal use of the machine, and for avoiding complications. It is difficult to learn ‘hands on’ on a patient and hence simulation-based skills training is essential for safe and skillful performance of Co2 laser.

In this unique training course, participants will find the perfect blend of didactics & practice – a carefully constructed course structure, as well as didactic learning & hands-on practice has been formulated by expert faculty. Participants will learn in world-class labs, fitted to simulate OR environment, and practice on animal tissue models that offer near-life haptic, during intense over-the-shoulder training sessions under personal supervision of masters of the field.

Course Objectives:

  • To impart knowledge of Physics of laser, tissue laser interactions, Depth of penetration, etc

  • To give understanding of parameters and step-by-step method to change degree of ablation and coagulation

  • To build confidence in using CO2 laser through hands-on practice with real laser on unique tissue model for skin lesions, and manual handling of machine controls

  • To impart knowledge of safe technique, and prevention & management of complications

Learning Highlights:

  • Only Training Facility in the Country to Provide Individual Procedural Hands-on Practice

  • Unique animal tissue model for skin lesions

  • Learn under personal mentorship of acclaimed faculty

  • Train in world-class labs, using real CO2 laser machine

Who Should Attend:

  • All qualified dermatologists

  • All qualified general surgeons

  • All qualified plastic surgeons

  • All qualified oculoplastics surgeons, ENT surgeons & maxillofacial surgeons

  • Postgraduate students in above specialties / MBBS graduates who work full time as assistants in above specialties

Date: Mar 12, 2023
Course Fee: US$ 1450
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