Certificate Course in Vascular Access Surgery

Certificate Course in Vascular Access Surgery
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Renal transplantation and vascular access for hemodialysis has been an integral part of Urology in India since many decades. Getting familiar with vascular access is the first step in preparation for training towards renal transplantation. Physiological principles of blood flow in the superficial veins and understanding vascular anatomy of the Upper limb is imperative to plan appropriate vascular access for patients of chronic renal failure. This 2 Day course will offer a basic grounding in vascular access for urologists and help them understand how to choose the right vein and artery to achieve success in vascular access. Lectures on clinical evaluation of patients who need vascular access complimented by specific radiological investigations to plan surgery will be conducted. Choosing the appropriate vessels at appropriate sites will be discussed and various techniques of vascular anastomosis for primary and secondary fistulae will be taught. Hands-on technique on harvested biological vascular tissue will be imparted with the use of magnifying loops and microsurgical instruments. A dedicated lecture on choice of instruments for vascular access and tackling complications of vascular access surgery will be the highlight of the course. A live operative workshop will be conducted on day 2 to enhance the understanding of this surgery and help the delegates gain confidence to perform vascular access in their own set ups.

Course Program

Theoretical sessions

  • Setting up a renal access service

  • Dialysis Access – A Nephrologist’s perspective

  • Radiological evaluation for Vascular Access (Lecture and video)

  • Primary AV Fistulae

  • Secondary and Tertiary AV Fistulae (lecture and video)

  • Current status of CAPD in India

  • Panel discussion – Practical approach to vascular access in India

Hands-on training on harvested animal tissue


  • End to end

  • End to side

  • Side to side

Visit to OR / Live surgery telecast / Videos * (Subject to Availability of Cases)

Course Objectives

  • To understand basic physiological and anatomical principles of vascular access

  • To learn how to choose the correct vessel at the correct site

  • To learn use of correct microvascular instruments for surgery

  • To make appropriate use of radiological evaluation to plan surgery

  • To learn different techniques of vascular anastomosis

  • To understand prevention and management of complications of vascular access surgery

Course Highlights

  • Presentations on clinical evaluation

  • Doppler ultrasonography for vascular access

  • Nephrologists perspective of access for dialysis

  • Setting up a renal access service center

  • Precise planning of secondary and tertiary AV fistulae

  • Hands-on session – Training in end to end, end to side and side to side anastomosis

Date: Mar 02, 2023 – Mar 03, 2023
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