Master Course in Hair Transplant Surgery

Master Course in Hair Transplant Surgery
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Hair transplant is an essential skill for practicing dermatologists and surgeons. Follicular unit excision (FUE) is gaining popularity over follicular unit transplant (FUT) because of lack of linear scar and less healing time. The training for the same is usually not given in postgraduates’ curriculum. It is difficult to learn and practice on patients without guidance.

This structured training course aims at assisting doctors in mastering the skill, under the supervision of a renowned trichologist. The course will include concise theoretical presentation on patient selection, preparation, anesthesia, calculation of number of grafts scoring techniques, and types of punctures. Participants will learn about instruments and types of punches, as well as get hands-on individual procedural experience. Practical tips on post-operative management and management of complications and emergencies, will help participants gain well-rounded view of the procedure.

This training course is designed to teach those who are beginning their career in trichology, using a step-by-step approach and allow them enough practice so that they feel confident.

Course Objectives

  • To give “hands-on” training of systematic and detailed performance of FUE in a virtual environment of Mannequin and pig skin.

  • To give hands on training in live patients of extraction and implantation techniques with details about slit making for hair follicular unit grafts.

  • To give practical tips about patient selection, counseling and preparation of patient for procedure.

  • To give training about anesthesia, calculation of number of grafts and hairline designing.

  • To teach about scoring techniques, holding solutions and types of punches

  • To teach about post-operative management, complications and emergencies and how to manage them.

Course Highlights

  • Hands-on practice on near-life models, under personal supervision of experienced faculty

  • Live demonstration & hands-on session in hospital set up for Follicular Unit Grafts, under faculty supervision

  • State-of-the-art labs that simulate an OR environment

  • Tips on setting up of your own hair transplant practice

  • Comprehensive curriculum, from patient selection & preparation to surgery & post-op care

Who should attend

  • Practicing Dermatologists

  • Practicing Plastic Surgeons & Cosmetologists

  • Trainees, fellows, residents in Cosmetology / Dermatology / Plastic Surgery

  • Qualified Surgeons who want to gain skills in hair transplant

Date: Feb 18, 2023 – Feb 19, 2023
Course Fee: US$ 1900
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