Certificate Course in Advanced Skills for General Practitioners

Certificate Course in Advanced Skills for General Practitioners
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While certain fundamental skills are needed for any practitioner to be able to give optimal care at the primary level, it is also necessary for the practitioner to develop a core set of advanced procedural skills for a variety of advanced procedures that are useful in day-to-day practice, such as Ear lobe repair & piercing, Nail Removal, Lipoma Excision, Management of Abcesses, Advanced Skin Suturing, Managing Bleeding PR & Constipation, and Screening for Early Detection of Cancers

Structured simulation-based training has proven to be extremely effective with skills which get better with practice. This training course has an optimal blend of Simulation and didactics which takes place in a Lab environment, for an immersive learning experience.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand the role of General Practitioner in Providing Standard Primary Surgical Care, Diagnosis & Referral

  • To teach techniques for Ear Lobe Repair, Nail Removal, Lipoma Excision, Management of Abscesses, Managing Bleeding PR, Advanced Skin Suturing, etc

  • To provide an update on Early Detection of Cancers

  • To develop skills and confidence through hands-on practice on tissue models

Who Should Attend:

  • General Practitioners

  • Specialists in Family Medicine

Course Highlights:

  • Extensive Hands-on practice on near-life animal tissue models to gain skills and confidence

  • Personal supervision by eminent faculty

  • Unmatched learning experience in world class labs at a state-of-the-art facility

  • Comprehensive structured curriculum

  • Ample opportunity for informal interaction with experienced faculty to pick up tips & tricks

Date: Feb 16, 2023
Course Fee: US$ 850
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