Certificate Course in Diagnostic and Interventional Upper GI Endoscopy

Certificate Course in Diagnostic and Interventional Upper GI Endoscopy
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Course Objective

  • To understand the mechanics and parts of flexible video endoscope

  • To learn how to set up your Endoscopy Unit

  • To master the proper technique of performing a safe and effective Upper GI endoscopic examination

  • To know how to handle and disinfect video endoscopes

  • To learn how to interpret various pathologies of the Upper GI tract

  • To learn the proper indications and contraindications of doing an Upper GI endoscopy

  • To learn the basic interventional endoscopic procedures like biopsy, injection, band ligation, polypectomy and dilatation which surgeons can perform in their day to day practice

  • To know about what complications can arise due to endoscopic procedures and how to prevent them

  • To learn about sedation methods required for performing endoscopy

  • To learn how to generate standardized endoscopy reports using proper terminology

  • To learn all about documentation, image grabbing and video editing

Who Should Attend ?

  • Surgical and Gastroenterological Residents

  • Young physicians entering into the field of GI Endoscopy

  • Surgeons practicing GI surgery who wants to start basic diagnostic and interventional Upper GI endoscopy in their day to day practice

  • Surgeons and Physicians who want to pursue GI endoscopy as their future career

  • Surgeons who are already performing GI endoscopy but want to expand their skills to do further interventional procedures

Course Highlights

  • Lectures by expert faculty

  • Supervised hands-on training on Upper GI Flexible Endoscopy on the state of the art latest computerized simulators

  • Supervised extensive hands-on training in the animal tissue laboratory

  • Exposure to the various accessories used for Upper GI endoscopic procedures


Date: Oct 04, 2021 – Oct 06, 2021
Course Fee: US$ 2425
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